Services _Offered_

Services Offered

Elections USA, Inc. provides the complete solution for all of your election needs

Voting Terminals with State-of-the-Art Electronic Touchscreens

  • Elections USA, Inc. terminals operate as stand-alone units
  • Terminals provide multilingual access and can incorporate assistive technology for voters with disabilities
  • Terminals provide vote validation with a summary page of the voters’ chosen selections to view before casting their votes
  • Terminals can hold multiple ballot styles


Paper Ballots

  • Elections USA, Inc. offers the use of either its OCR paper ballot scanning system or manual tally services depending on your organization’s needs
  • Can be used for mail-out or onsite elections


Secure Online Voting System

  • Our online voting system is hosted on our robust, secure server
  • Elections USA, Inc. uses state-of-the-art encryption to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your organization’s online election
  • Online elections offer 24/7 access to your members and increases participation
  • Elections USA, Inc. software creates a unique username and password for each voting member in the organization
  • Elections USA, Inc. encrypts and protects all voter data
  • Our system sends email blasts with your election notification, login credentials, and reminders-to-vote to the voting members of your organization
  • Vote confirmations are sent after ballots are cast
  • Anonymous Voting


Secure Voter Registration System

  • Elections USA, Inc.’s user-friendly registration system streamlines the registration process so that your organization can register more voters efficiently and accurately with fewer registrars
  • Elections USA, Inc.’s voter registration system assures that members can be registered to vote only one time per election
  • The registration system creates a date and time stamp on each registration
  • Our voter registration system allows members to be registered at any voting location, if multiple locations are available
  • Elections USA, Inc.’s system is programmed to prevent member registration fraud


Membership Mail-Out Services

  • Elections USA, Inc. offers a variety of services designed to assist your entire election process.
    Services include:

    • Nomination notices
    • Election notifications
    • Mail-out ballot packets
    • By-Law updates
    • Contract ratifications
    • Membership surveys
    • Candidate bios & statements – and more


Election On-Site Support

  • Elections USA, Inc.’s independent team of experienced professionals provides the assistance that your organization needs to run its election smoothly.

    Our team can:

    • Register voters using our Secure Voter Registration System
    • Assist with voter flow at the polling site
    • Operate the voting terminals
    • Assist tellers operating the voting terminals
    • Provide additional support your organization may need on election day


Online Election Support

  • Elections USA, Inc.’s technical support team offers the login support your members may need during your organization’s online election to guarantee a smooth online voting experience.


Complete and Accurate Certification of Results

  • Elections USA, Inc. provides unofficial election results at the conclusion of your organization’s election, followed in a timely manner with its Certified Election Results Report.