Election _Support_

Election Support


Whether your organization is large or small or running its first or hundredth election, Elections USA, Inc. election consultants work with you to professionally manage your election to ensure that it runs smoothly from the first planning stages until the final vote is tallied.

Support Includes:

Your organization determines its needs, and Elections USA, Inc. supplies the election expertise. At on-site polling locations, our impartial election consultants will:

  • Set up the Touchscreen Terminals at your organization’s designated polling site(s)
  • Operate the touchscreen terminals or teach your organization’s staff how to operate the terminals
  • Assist your organization’s staff with registering voters or supply the staff to conduct the registration process
  • Assist with voter flow at on-site polling places
  • Provide your organization with election results at the election’s conclusion


If your organization is using our 24/7 online voting service, Elections USA, Inc.’s election consultants will provide assistance to:

  • Voters who may have trouble logging in to your organization’s election
  • Voters who experience other technical challenges with the voting system
  • Administrators who need access to reports during the election period, if requested


Please visit our FAQ/Troubleshooting page for online voting tips and suggestions