_Accurate_ Results

Accurate Results

Elections USA, Inc. prides itself on using proven technology to protect your organization’s election and deliver immediate, accurate election results.

Our systems prevent:

Lost votes

  • Data redundancy

Spoiled ballots

  • Voters who make mistakes on their mail-out election ballots can alert us via email or phone call. We issue a duplicate ballot and flag it in our system to prevent a voter from voting more than once.
  • Voters who make mistakes on paper ballots at an on-site election simply exchange their ballot for a clean ballot. The spoiled ballot is destroyed.


  • Elections USA, Inc. programs its online and touch screen systems to only allow up to the maximum amount of selections per office.
  • The OCR scanning system catches over-voted offices on paper ballots and offers two options:
    • At on-site elections, the scanner rejects the ballot when inserted, thus giving the voter another opportunity to get a new ballot and make the appropriate number of selections
    • The voter may choose to not count that particular office on the ballot because the scanner will not count an over-voted office.
  • The OCR scanning system also rejects mail-out ballots that have an over-voted office. The election committee determines how to count the ballot.

Ensuring Data Reliability

Elections USA, Inc. has taken several steps to ensure the reliability of voting results:

  • Obtaining data directly from your organization’s databases and voting members
  • Using certified OCR scanners and barcoding technology
  • Data verification such as built-in verification in the voting terminals and online elections
  • Secure data storage on Elections USA, Inc.’s servers to maintain integrity
  • Data backup
  • Well-trained staff