_Online_ Voting

Online Voting

Online Voting Increases Member Participation

Elections USA, Inc. will create a customized election website for your organization’s election. The online voting system includes the following benefits and features:

  • Members receive unique member usernames and passwords to ensure accuracy and avoid redundancy
  • Complete customization dictated by your organization’s needs
  • Works independently or in conjunction with Election USA, Inc.’s other voting solutions
  • Conveniently available 24/7 to provide the most flexibility for your organization’s voters

How it works

  • Elections USA, Inc.’s team works with you to create a unique election website based on your organization’s needs and can include any of the following:
    – Candidates
    – Positions
    – Photos
    – Biographies
    – Statements
    – Disclosures
    – By-laws
    – PDF Documents
  • Elections USA, Inc. uses the member database your organization provides to issue a unique username and password for each voter
    – Voters use this information to access your customized election website.
  • Your organization establishes the election’s timeframe and guidelines.
  • Elections USA, Inc. sends email blasts containing login credentials and reminders-to-vote to all eligible voting members.
  • Your organization determines:
    – Email content (reminders to vote, announcements, vote confirmation, etc.)
    – Email frequency. Reminder emails cease once members have voted.