Voter _Registration_

Voter Registration

Elections USA, Inc.’s secure voter registration system maintains the integrity of your organization’s election while providing ease of registration for eligible voting members.

Elections USA, Inc. offers a state-of-the-art computerized voter registration system that can:

  • Link via internet to Elections USA, Inc.’s secure server
  • Allow each voter to register at any polling site
  • Verify that each voter may register to vote only one time


This system expedites the voter verification process by eliminating the need to manually search through polling books. Other advantages to this system include: 

  • Handheld barcode scanners that scan barcoded ID badges if your organization chooses to assign badges to each voting member
  • All information stored in a secure database
  • Customized reports tailored to your organization’s needs, when requested
  • Elimination of long registration lines due to having to manually look up names
  • Eliminating the need to separate voters into lines alphabetically by name. All registrars can register any member
  • A user-friendly system that anyone can use with minimal training

The Process

  • Your organization provides Elections USA, Inc. with a current, updated membership database.
  • Typical databases include members’ names, addresses, precincts, member ID numbers, etc.
  • The registration system allows Elections USA, Inc. to track registrations to ensure that members register to vote only one time per election, and to prevent ineligible members from registering.
  • Elections USA, Inc.’s system may be used with or without barcode scanners at an on-site election. Registrars not using the scanners can type in the member’s first name, last name, or member ID to verify the member.
  • Elections USA, Inc. uses the registration system to process returned mail-out ballots by verifying the unique barcode on the return envelope. The barcode includes each member’s ID and alerts our system if the member has already returned a ballot.
  • During an online election, the registration happens automatically when members cast their votes.