Touchscreen _Terminals_

Touchscreen Terminals

Innovative Touchscreen Terminals

Elections USA, Inc.’s Touchscreen Terminals offer your organization great flexibility. The machines can present voters with multiple offices or one office at a time. Encrypted smart cards prevent unauthorized votes during your organization’s election.


Touchscreen Terminal Features include:

  • A fully integrated, self-contained,easily transportable system
  • A back-up battery
  • Ballot image retention
  • Data redundancy
  • Audio Touch, for ADA voters
  • Universal election styles
  • Quick result tallying

The Process

  • Machine attendees insert the encrypted smart card into the machine to activate the machine and select the voter’s ballot style.
  • The voter will touch the screen to make his/her selections on the ballot.
  • The voter may use “next” or “back” arrows to turn the ballot’s pages.
  • When the voter has viewed the entire ballot and made all of his/her selections, a summary screen will show all of the offices with their selections listed.
  • To make changes, the voter simply touches the office he/she would like to revisit and the screen returns to the corresponding ballot page.
  • Once the voter is satisfied with his/her selections, he/she simply presses the VOTE button on the final screen to cast their vote.