Paper _Ballots_

Paper Ballots

Elections USA, Inc. utilizes the latest technology to provide secure paper ballot voting.

Elections USA, Inc. uses its own Barcode Security and Fraud Prevention Software System to verify every voter ballot packet and applies its barcoding software system to generate unique, identifying barcodes for each of your organization’s members. 

The Process



  • Elections USA, Inc. uses your membership database to generate a unique barcode for each member. These barcodes authenticate your organization’s voters.
  • Authorized members receive customized ballot packets each with its own unique barcode printed on both the Outgoing and Return envelopes.
  • Each packet contains a voter ballot and Secret Ballot Return Envelope without any identifying marks as another safeguard to protect the voter’s confidentiality.
  • Each packet may contain additional information customized to your organization’s needs, such as by-laws, candidate biographies, etc.
  • When the voter returns his/her ballot, Elections USA, Inc. scans and verifies the barcode on the Return Envelope with the Barcoding Security and Fraud Prevention software.
  • Once validated, the inner Secret Ballot Envelope goes into a pile with all other validated envelopes. After verification is complete, the pile of secret ballot envelopes is mixed, opened and ballots tallied.
  • Any rejected Return Envelopes are flagged and given to your organization’s election committee with an explanation for its rejection. The election committee makes the final determination about whether to accept or reject the ballot packet(s) in question. (This step is completed prior to opening the secret ballot envelopes in the previous step.)

Tally Options


Insert Ballot.

  • Elections USA, Inc. can manually count ballots. We recommend this process for smaller organizations or for very small ballots.
  • Elections USA, Inc. also offers automated scanning using a high-speed OCR Scanner that electronically scans and tallies the votes. When the OCR Scanner is used for an on-site election,registered voters mark their selections and then insert their completed ballots into the scanner; the scanner does the rest.