Poll Master I

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The Poll Master 1 Voting Booth stands “Rock Solid” on legs made of aluminum, complete with “stabilizer bars” that virtually eliminate any chance of wobble. The aluminum legs fit neatly inside the case for convienent storage.

A “suitcase style” voting booth designed to be lightweight and portable. The Poll Master I Voting Booth has quick and easy assembly instructions that are molded into the bottom of the case – eliminating the possibility of losing the assembly instruction sheets.

The Poll Master I Voting Booth adapts from paper or optical scan to touchscreen “DRE” by simply removing the “writing shelf” and adding a vote recorder, making it as versatile as it is rugged. It is truly the “booth for all voting systems”.

The Poll Master I Voting Booth was designed to stay in service and it is so well built that it carries a Five Year Warranty.

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